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Reasons for Decelerator Leakage and Treatment Method

Reasons Analysis of Reducer Leakage

The seal between the two relative moving joints of the feeder shaft, the output shaft and the end face of the shell bearing of the reducer is called the "dynamic seal point". The seal of the upper and lower shell ends and other structural joints of the reducer is called the "static seal point". The seal failure of the dynamic and static seal points makes it a leakage point. We can find out the reason of seal failure by further structural analysis. So as to lay the foundation for solving the leakage problem.

3.1 The dynamic sealing point is on the input and output axles in structure. The gear axle extends out of the reducer through the round surface of the bearing, and then through the end cover. Because of the pressure difference between the two sides of the sealing point, the splashed lubricating oil can not flow back to the lower shell of the reducer in time after passing through the bearing. It gathers between the bearing and the end cover, and leaks out through the shaft face and the end cover groove, so the oil can not flow back in time. Insufficient sealing of lower shell and end cover is the cause of leakage of dynamic sealing point, and because the shaft is in a rotating state, it becomes a difficult leakage point to solve.

3.2 The sealing of the upper and lower shell joints of the reducer is the main static sealing point of the reducer. The smoothness of the joints and the tightening of bolts are directly related to the leakage of the joints.

3.3 Other axle end caps are also the main static sealing points of the reducer. The reasons include the dynamic sealing points.

3.4 The leakage of the inspection cover is mainly caused by the smoothness of the joint surface and the deformation of the cover plate.

3.5 The oil seepage of air permeability is mainly affected by improper position and too simple ventilation device.

3.6 The oil drain hole and oil gauge are usually connected by bolts. The insufficient screw thread payment makes the leakage occur here.

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