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Enterprise Policy: Work earnestly and create three excellent products.

  • Excellent staff

  • Quality products

  • Good benefit

Values: Integrity, Duty, Cooperation, Innovation


  • Morality is the first, integrity is the fundamental;

  • Maintain fairness, justice, honesty, honesty and trustworthiness;

  • Respect for oneself, others, objective laws and company system, so as to self-respect and self-improvement.


  • Responsibility is the first requirement of doing a good job.

  • Continuous pursuit of professional work style, and constantly strengthen the professional quality of work;

  • Have a strong sense of responsibility, outstanding ability to shoulder responsibility, have the courage to bear the character of responsibility.


  • Team excellence can truly achieve personal excellence, and harmonious development with the environment is the foundation of the enterprise's evergreen foundation.

  • Actively, pay attention to the overall interests, so as to create excellent team performance;

  • With a long-term vision, broad-minded and continuous pursuit of excellent cooperative realm.


  • Innovation is not only an excellent working method, but also an excellent belief in life.

  • In terms of mode, method and content, we always seek better solutions, strive for excellence, and strive for a better level of results.

  • Continuously stimulate personal creativity, improve the innovation mechanism, with comprehensive technological innovation, management innovation, business model innovation, to promote the company's continuous growth.

Enterprise Spirit: Keeping Forward and Pursuing Excellence

forge ahead

  • Looking forward, we should not only do it, but also persevere in it.

  • Perseverance, any difficulties and setbacks can not stop the will of the day never before;

  • Be brave to change, be good at change, strive for survival and development by change;

  • To cultivate and improve learning ability, be good at learning and keep on learning.

Striving for excellence

  • In the market competition, we constantly win, surpass ourselves in introspection, surpass mediocrity and make progress in learning.

  • Experience the joy of success after achieving the goal, and experience the joy of struggle in the pursuit process.

Management philosophy: concern for staff growth, strengthen executive ability, pursue efficiency, harmony, balance incentive and restraint

Concern about Employee Growth

  • Emphasize the interests and expertise of employees, and promote their personal career development with good working conditions, perfect staff training plan and career path design.

  • Emphasis should be placed on the management of corporate culture, with healthy and simple interpersonal relationships, a serious and lively working atmosphere, and a smooth and transparent way of communication, so as to promote the continuous improvement of employee satisfaction and keep employees happy with the growth of the enterprise at the same time.

  • Organize staff to participate in training and education, improve skills, develop professional expertise, and organize peer visits.

  • To stimulate the potential of employees and pursue the common growth of individuals and companies. As an individual, we should have a sense of giving first, be willing to contribute wisdom and diligence to the team, and achieve personal excellence with excellent team.

Enhancing executive capacity

  • No good research plan, no good implementation will become empty talk. Strong execution is one of the core principles of day management.

  • Good execution depends on excellent mechanism, standardized system, sincere cooperation, effective incentive and touching example, but most importantly, it depends on the love and responsibility of everyone to the company.

  • Only by planning and then acting can we carry out decisively. Only by summarizing, can we improve the execution continuously.

Pursuing Efficiency and Harmony

  • Due to the expansion of the company's scale, it is necessary to form a standardized and efficient management mechanism to maintain a high efficiency of the company's system operation.

  • According to the company's development stage and business changes, dynamic optimization of enterprise management, forming a harmonious and orderly internal environment;

  • In an efficient and harmonious environment, we should adhere to the results-oriented management principle and effectively support the realization of the company's business objectives.

Balanced incentive constraint

  • According to work contribution and achievement value, differentiated incentive mechanism should be formed to effectively stimulate employees'subjective initiative and creativity.

  • On the basis of promoting employees'understanding and recognition of the system, we should strengthen the effective implementation of the system and form an invisible but effective internal restraint mechanism.

  • Emphasize the combination of incentives and constraints, maintain a balanced degree, to provide a strong guarantee for the realization of internal management.

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